Twenty-five years as a psychologist has lent Helen's writing both insight and compassion. She writes about ordinary people dealing with the deep questions she struggles with herself: Where is home? What does family mean? Are my beliefs worth the pain? Who am I?

She lives in Earthsong Eco-neighbourhood (Auckland, New Zealand) alongside chickens, organic gardens, and lots of compost. Her passions include sustainable living, participatory democracy and living in community.
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Leo Harris, union president at the mill in a one-industry town in the rural heartland, has a problem. "So long as I live and breathe," he says. "I'll stand up to power."
But the mill's CEO insists "This was a showdown waiting to happen."
Helen was interviewed about A Striking Truth on RNZ's arts programme Standing Room Only.
Where is home? Can this be my place?
These are the questions compelling this story set in small-town New Zealand. In 1956, Sandra McLeod and her British immigrant family came to Kawerau seeking a new life. But it was not an easy journey… When Sandra returns twenty years later, she must confront ghosts of her past.
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“I'm sorry, Daniel,” she says.
Amongst blooming pohutakawas, a pragmatic woman must confront the indignity of death.
Illustrated by Robin Charles.